Yamada School and Ikuta School, they play the Koto. But they play it in different style. And They rarely play in concert together. In this concert, I'd like to come true it. The different style players' ensemble!! When I asked it, Akemi and Shizuno said, "Okay, it sounds a little difficult, But we try!!"The voice encouraged me. This is a chance to touch rarely ensemble.
Next, I'd like to introduce you about Katsuhiro(Gasei). He's a double lisenced Shakuhachi player.(Shakuhachi has two playing styles. He studied both styles.)His notes are very smooth and clear, like genuine flute. He's also co-planner of this concert. He loves music well and studies it deeply.
This concert is a GIFT for God of the arts and you.
Kuraki Noh Theatre is a stage for Noh(Japanese traditional opera) in Yokohama. In the last autumn Kuraki reached 100th anniversary. Japanese believe there's God of the arts in Noh stage. So, this concert is a GIFT from arts lovers.We want to play our gift like prayer for God of the arts with you.
We're very very looking forward to seeing you at our concert!! (Witten by Miki-K -Producer-)

出演:明美(箏、十七絃/山田流)、野口 静乃(箏、十七絃、三絃、唄/生田流)、反田 雄大(尺八)
Players:AKEMI(Koto-Japanese harps-/Yamada school), SHIZUNO NOGUCHI(Koto-Japanese harps-, Shamisen and Vcal/Ikuta school) and KATSUHIRO TANDA(Shakuhachi-Japanese bamboo flute-)

料金:全席自由 3,000円(当日受付にてお支払ください。なお、釣銭の要らないようご用意をお願い致します。)
Charge: 3,000 yen(Please pay the charge in the reception counter on the day.)
※The opening time of this concert is 13:30, but we accept the payment of the charge from 13:00.

久良岐能舞台(横浜市磯子区岡村/アクセスはこちら)/KURAKI NOH THEATRE(Okamura, Isogo-ku Yokohama/Access)

facebook: 随時更新中 (制作担当のMIKIが日々をこそこそ書いてます。リクエスト、ご要望等随時受付中)(MIKI is updating.)

Amazing Grace(讃美歌第二編第167番)/Amazing Grace(Hymn)
ジムノペディ第1番(E.L.サティ)/1ère Gymnopédie(E.L. Sitie)
六段の調べ(八橋 検校)/Rokudan no Shirabe(Yatsugashi Kengyo)
二つの田園詩(長澤 勝俊)/Futasu no Denenshi~Two Pastral Poems~(Katsutoshi Nagasawa)
めぐりめぐる(沢井 忠夫)/Meguri Meguru(Tadao Sawai) 他/etc...

※The programs and formation have a case to be changed without a notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Because you cope by technical circumstances individually when the use of the electronic ticket is difficult, please contact us by a e-mail or using contact form.
※If you need some supports to come our live, we can help you. Please contacts us boforehand.

Illustrated by Shiori Kuzuhara
Designed by Miki Kitamura

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Sun Oct 28, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM JST
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全席自由 3,000円 FULL
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横浜市磯子区岡村8丁目21−7 Japan
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